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What is coding and how does it work? What coding means? What is the difference between coding and programming?


What is coding?

Coding, also known as computer programming, is the method by which we interact with machines. 
Code instructs programme about what to do, and writing code is similar to writing series of instructions. 
You will tell machines what to do or how to act even more quickly if you learn to write code. 
You may use this capability to create websites and applications, as well as process data and perform variety of other tasks.

What is coding and how does it work?

Coding is the process of using programming language to command computer to do what you want it to do. 
script is sequence of lines of code that direct the computer to execute certain operation. 
Each script is written to accomplish particular goal. 
It's likely that this work needs you to resize photograph.

Top 10 Website's form you can learn to code
  • CodecademyCodecademy is possibly one of the most popular online code-teaching websites. ...
  • Khan AcademyKhan Academy started as one man tutoring his cousin.
  • Code Avengers. ...
  • Learn Python the Hard Way. ...
  • Mozilla Developer Network. ...
  • Code School. ...
  • Treehouse. ...
  • Udacity

Other uses

  • Coding (social sciences), an analytical process in which data are categorized for analysis
  • Coding strand of DNA in molecular biology
  • Legal coding, the process of creating a summary or keyword data from a document in the legal profession
  • Medical coding, representation of medical diagnoses and procedures in standard code numbers

what coding means?

Since computers do not speak like humans, coding is an ability in which you take instructions (steps in task) and translate them into language that the machine understands. 
They speak in language known as BINARY, which is based on 0s and 1s. 
Coders use programming language to write the instructions.

What is the difference between coding and programming?

Coding vs. programming is controversy that has recently gained traction in the software development world. 
Learn why they're different and why it's necessary to know the difference in this essay.

We're beginning to expand our personal vocabularies in ways that leave the average citizen nervous, thanks to the recent increase in computer science classes across all grades.

To make it worse, all of these "modern" terms seem to have such daunting histories that we don't take the time to learn how to use them correctly — instead, we only recycle them without thinking about what they actually say.

The two most important techniques in the Software Development Industries are "coding" and "programming." 
Coding is the method of converting one language into another. 
That's often referred to as branch of programming because it applies the first stages of programming. 
It entails following instructions and writing codes in variety of languages. 
Programming is the method of creating machine-
level executable programme that can be executed without errors. 
It's the method of formally writing codes to keep human inputs and computer outputs in line.

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